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Al Sirois - Story, Ink, Lettering
(b. 1950) is an illustrator, cartoonist, graphic artist, musician, developmental editor, and author who has worked for DC, Marvel, Charlton, and Warren Publications.
He contributed "Bugs in the System" to witzend #12. Between 1975 and 1980, Sirois worked for Wallace Wood and other DC and Marvel artists, including Dick Giordano, Bob Layton, and Frank McLaughlin.
He inked backgrounds for Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Hercules Unbound, PLOP!, Stalker, Justice League of America, All Star Comics (Justice Society of America), X-Men, and Champions, among other titles, including the one-shot Superman vs. Muhammed Ali. Hover for More >>

Photo: Heather Kant
Zach Bassett - Pencils
Zach Bassett has been drawing his whole life but after graduating from the Savannah College or Art and Design in 2009 he has worked, doing penciling and inking, for Arcana, Zenescope, Bluewater, Big Dog Ink and even Faber Castell, among other smaller companies. He is the Creative Director of Cosmic Times Comics where he has done a little of everything under the sun, including attending conventions. He and his wife have happily lived all over the United States and recently have become parents.

Wesley Wong - Colors
Wesley Wong is a freelance artist whose main past credits include color restoration for the Marvel Masterworks line of books (including the massive Golden Age Marvel Comics Omnibus). He's been a colorist on products from Archaia, Zenescope and Upper Deck's Legendary card game, an illustrator for Streetlight Graphics, as well as a flatter for other colorists when needed. He currently lives in Tinley Park, IL with his girlfriend and occasional collaborator Sheila Johnson.

Hagai Izenberg - Original Soundtrack
Hagai works with a variety of mediums, including music and painting. After studying music and playing jazz he delved into the world of analog synthesizers and sound manipulation. His major release to date is with his band Rendezvous. Their album "Another Round Please" received excellent reviews from the press and numerous plays on the radio, especially in the UK, as well as the rest of Europe
Further interest in art and sound has led him to study painting and photography, which set out his journey to create art, explore sound and define his own unique moodscapes.

Miran Nudell - User Interface and Additional Graphic Assets
Miran Nudell is a Multidisciplinary designer, his works vary from Designing toys and restaurants to medical devices, his passion is to make things LOOK | FEEL | WORK better.
He is the owner of Apogee-Studio.com that provides Branding, Product design, UI \ UX, Graphic design and Package design.
He teaches design and is an independent toy designer.
Miran has a broad expertise and experience in GUI design and lead the design of Hello Kitty Math app, Channel 2 News app and many other user interfaces.

Assaf Cohen - Producer, Programming
After spending a few years Studying Chinese in Shanghai and working as a Software Developer for Morgan Stanley in Tokyo, Japan (not so far from Forcer's future home), Assaf went back home to make his lifelong dream of COMIXPLAY come true.
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